MariNova specializes in a wide variety of management consulting related primarily to the marine transportation industry, plus logistics, waterfront planning, and shipping-related regulatory issues. Our specialties are container shipping, port marketing, short sea shipping and the ferry industry. We have managed, led and sub-contracted our services on many projects, including market studies for numerous ports in the Atlantic region and elsewhere in Canada.

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The goal for all transportation is to ensure that the arrival and departure is well planned and stress free.  MariNova works towards ensuring that the experience is one that clients want to repeat for years to come.

Trade and Logistics

Trade & Logistics

Our knowledge and expertise isn’t just about Trade & Logistics - it’s about understanding client’s operations and overall shipping industry to enhance their customer’s experience.



We look for solutions that not only look at marine transportation but consider alternative transportation modes. We're able to investigate alternatives, and present results to community stakeholders.



Great marine infrastructures don't just happen - they are born from a thoughtful vision, intelligent design and perfect execution. MariNova researches and analyzes the way people experience and use the space and make the connection between land and sea.