Short Sea Shipping and Extending the St. Lawrence Seaway Season

This research, one of 31 studies commissioned by the CTAR Secretariat, shipping explores global trends in short sea shipping and assesses the responsiveness and fluidity of the Canadian transportation system through a review of emerging best practices in Europe, the United States, and Australia. The report considers the concept of operating a short sea feeder service between Halifax and Hamilton under four scenarios. It also examines the potential of a Montreal-Hamilton feeder service and finds that such a service can only be competitive with rail transportation under the most favourable un-encumbered conditions. The report highlights an ongoing issue for Canadian operators with respect to “cabotage,” related to the Coasting Trade Act. The Canadian Transportation Act Review was released in February 2016.

A short sea shipping container ship travels a seaway.
A cargo ship carrying double stacked cargo containers travels alongside a sailboat.